The 9 Essential Ingredients For Happiness

It’s not always easy to feel happy, but there are some key ingredients that make the difference between ‘okay’ and great:

  1. The ability to accept that you cannot always be happy. Happy people are not the people who always have happiness on their side. It is the people who know that everything is temporary, who know that the lesser moments do not last forever and who are grateful for the beautiful moments.
  2. Vulnerability. Knowing that we are only human and therefore making mistakes, admitting that we are sometimes wrong or have to ask for help. Knowing that we are only people also help us to change ourselves. People are often ashamed of their fears and weaknesses, so they dare not admit mistakes and think they should always be in control. But when you let go of the control you can grow.
  3. Some good friends at different times in your life. Besides that, in general, it is often not possible to maintain many friendships, it is extremely important to have a number of friendships with people where you can be yourself completely. These are the people that you feel good about and that give you the best.
  4. Enough money to pay the bills, a little to save, a little to spend, and gratitude for the things we can buy. Money allows you to buy the books you love to read, go to your favorite yoga class, eat healthily. It ensures that you have a roof over your head and clothes to wear. It is not insignificant, but it is not the most important thing on earth.
  5. A health routine for body and mind. You have a body and mind and you are the person who has to ensure that they can function as well as possible. It’s not about the slimmest body or the fastest time in running. It’s about drinking enough water, eating healthy food, and occasionally enjoying things that are less healthy. It’s about getting enough exercise and the occasional brisk walk with someone you love. It is the ability to listen to your mind and body.
  6. The ability to put your phone away, turn off your computer and live.
  7. A routine where you can let off steam and recharge yourself. It doesn’t matter what works for you: mediation, reading, exercising. You know what to do to keep yourself mentally healthy.
  8. I have had obstacles and setbacks in life. Often the most loving, caring, and least judgmental people are the people who have experienced something themselves. Happy people know what it is to have a setback and how important it is to let everyone in his or her value.
  9. Gratitude and the ability to enjoy the little things in life. Daily life, eating at the table together and talking about everything or nothing. Your partner’s warm body next to you in bed. The first warm rays of the sun and the birdsong. Happy people cherish the most every day, but just so special things.

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