Never Forget, Even If Others Do, How Much You Are Worth

During difficult days (which we almost all know), remember that you do your best. Take a look at what you give to others: your love, time and energy because these things are a big part of who you are. Do you give too much of yourself to people who don’t deserve it? Do you give too much of yourself to people who don’t give it back? Do you give too much of yourself to people who don’t appreciate you enough? Most importantly, do you let your value be determined by the way others treat you? Do you allow yourself to doubt the way others look at you?

I hope not. Because the only person who determines your value is you. Not the man who broke your heart, not your nasty boss, not that mean girlfriend. Not only you!

Runaway from the people who break your heart, don’t treat you well or don’t respect you enough. Even if it hurts because that pain will last a few weeks and then you will feel much better. You want people in your life who see how much you are worth, who see how precious you are and who have respect for you, who appreciate you and who support you!

You determine how much you are worth by deciding how you want to be treated. You determine how much you are worth by the way you react when people hurt you, wrong you or don’t treat you right. You determine your value through the choices you make. And you determine your value by the way you fight and get up again when you’ve crashed.

So stop. Stop allowing others to influence the way you see yourself. Stop settling for less. Know your worth and go for this. Have enough respect for yourself to let go of the people who don’t realize how much you are worth. You have a choice. You can choose what you do and don’t allow others. You can choose what kind of people you want around you. You are in control, never give this control to others. Because you know it much better yourself; you know how much you are

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