Let This Period Teach Us What Is Really Important

We are in a difficult period, but we can learn something from heavy periods (however dark they sometimes are). So let this period teach us how to be more loving, more forgiving, and more compassionate for one another. Let this period teach us what is important and what really matters. Let this time teach us that life is transitory and that everything can suddenly be different. So it’s better to say the words we don’t dare to say, to call that person, to say you’re sorry or to say you love someone. Let this period teach us to speak out to our loved ones.

Let this period teach us that we shouldn’t take anything for granted: our family, our friends, our job, and our well-being. Let these times remind us to take good care of ourselves. Let this period help us understand how important it is to have a home we want to return to or have people we want to stay at home with. Let this period make us think about changes you want to make in the long run, rather than chasing short-term and immediate happiness.

Let this period teach us how to slow down. How we can stop running and flying. Suddenly everything came to a standstill, everything we thought couldn’t wait was postponed, deadlines expired and rules and priorities changed. Let this period teach us what is really important and what is really worthwhile. Let this period teach us to be more loving, to accept things as they are and to have compassion for others. Let this period teach us a better way of living, understand the meaning of our lives, and teach us how to make the most of the rest of our lives.

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