For The Woman Who Is Not Feeling Well Enough

For the woman who is not feeling well enough
You are more than enough. The people around you may sometimes feel that this is not the case, but you are more than enough. And if you do indeed feel that the people around you give you this feeling, then it is time to gather people around you who give you confidence. You need people to let you know you’re great. Never doubt yourself, you are strong. You are beautiful.

For the woman who doesn’t feel pretty enough.
You’re beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to others. Beauty has a different meaning for everyone. Learn to accept yourself as you are. Don’t try to change yourself, try to embrace yourself.

For the woman who doesn’t have a best friend
You’re great, even if you don’t have a best friend. When you look online, it seems like everyone has a best friend. And these posts can make you feel like you’re falling short. But it’s totally fine not to have a best friend. One day you might find a best friend, but it’s fine if it doesn’t. Having or not having a best friend says nothing about you.

For the woman who is still single
You can live a beautiful and happy life without a partner. Being single can be difficult, especially if the people around you are all in a relationship. In general, however, a lid fits on every jar, some of them just have to wait a little longer than others. Keep trusting, love comes to you too.

You are good enough, beautiful, special and loved. The only one who has yet to see this is you. Be proud of yourself. Be proud that you are not like others. Be proud and accept who you are.

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