5 Signals That You Are Giving Too Much

While being nice and having compassion for others are fantastic qualities to possess, there is such a thing as giving too much. It is important to care about other people, but you can also give too much and then it is at the expense of yourself and your own happiness.

Below you will find 5 signals that show that you give too much:

1 People take advantage of you
If you make it a habit to always put the needs of others above your own, this will stand out. And people will take advantage of this. Because when people sit up for a while because they need a nanny, need help with fixing up their house, prepare snacks for a party, or whatever… they call the person who always says yes. And can you blame them? It’s okay to say no from time to time or stand up for yourself. The people who really care about you will only appreciate and respect this.

2 You hide your real feelings.
You keep your feelings or thoughts to yourself because you are the only one who thinks about them. You are afraid to express your opinion if it differs from that of the rest of the group. But worrying about what others think of you will eventually exhaust you. Not everyone can like you. Whatever you do, one person prefers apple pie and another kills cream pie, meaning everyone is different and everyone has a different taste or opinion. Trying to keep everyone happy drives you crazy.

3 You put everyone’s needs before your own
Only if you are really super sweet then you are able to constantly bring the needs of others before your own. But this can be terribly exhausting. As difficult as it is, makes sure you set your limits. Invest time and energy in figuring out what your limits are. When can you choose for yourself? When you’re lying sick on the bed and completely exhausted? Or even earlier, if you want to enjoy the beautiful weather, a nice walk or a good book yourself, without again helping your sick neighbor, your sister-in-law with her baby or at school.

4 You don’t spend enough time looking after yourself
When you spend all your time making other people happy, you don’t have time left. Make sure that your agenda is not so full that there is no time left for the things you like. And then keep your agenda free for the things you like, these things are super important! In addition, you need the energy to take care of others, so make time to recharge.

5 You attract dependent people
If you are super sweet, it is also possible that you fall ‘prey’ to people who are super dependent. People like this are looking for people who are loving and compassionate, because this way they can get what they want. Therefore, be careful not to become a doormat. Mainly because you are not so put together, but be aware that there are people who suck you completely without giving anything in return. Saying no is not selfish, it is often just necessary. The world needs lovely people, but don’t let others take advantage of your lovely character.

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